Netizens notice f(x) Victoria’s clear aging sign after returning to China

f(x) Victoria’s recent status was revealed.

On June 2nd (KST), the entertainment media outlet splash.com released photos containing Victoria’s recent status.


According to the report, Victoria attended a fashion event in Shanghai, China on the same day.

In the photo, Victoria was posing in an intense hot pink dress, exposing her sexy collarbone line. In particular, some netizens notice that Victoria, who returned to China after wrapping up her activities in Korea, seems to have aged a lot since her last appearance.


Meanwhile, f(x) debuted in 2009 and received great love thanks to hit songs such as “LA chA TA”, “Chu~♡”, “Nu Abo”, “Pinocchio”, “Hot Summer” and “Electric Shock”.

Victoria has been active in China since her exclusive contract with SM Entertainment ended in April 2021. Victoria is currently working as a singer, actress, model and host in China.

Source: Nate

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