Fashion in 2021 K-dramas: Upper-class fashion and designer outfits are on trend

Fashion in 2021 K-dramas: Upper-class fashion and designer outfits are on trend

Are we watching Korean dramas or fashion shows? 

Among various Korean TV series released in 2021, some dramas stand out not only for their plots but also the fashion of the cast. Is your favorite drama one of these? 


Sophisticated and chic workwear is Jeon Yeo Bin‘s main fashion style when she takes on the role of lawyer Hong Cha Young in Vincenzo. Thanks to smart mix and match ideas using oversized blazers and trousers with minimalist colors, the actress looks mature and elegant in every tailored suit set. 


Aside from the thrilling twists and turns, fashion is also an important factor contributing to the success of Penthouse. The drama depicts the life of the elite in Korean society, so the main characters always wear dazzling luxury outfits from expensive high-end brands. 


In Mine, chaebol wife Seo Hyun (Kim Seo Hyung) follows the menswear style with a charismatic bob haircut and neutral colored suits. Meanwhile, second daughter-in-law Hee Soo (Lee Bo Young) often flaunts diverse and colorful outfits with eye-catching colors and patterns. Her outfits mostly come from designer brands such as Prada, Gucci, Dior, Valentino…


Playing college student Yoo Na Bi who majors in art in Nevertheless, Han So Hee chooses to wear casual outfits that make her look young and dynamic, such as cardigan, oversized shirt, blazer, floral dress,… Not picking too fussy clothes, Han So Hee still impresses the audience with her practical fashion that is also pretty and trendy. 

Youth of May

Set in the 1980s in Korea, the cast of Youth of May promote retro fashion. Myung Hee (Go Min Si) has a discreet and casual style with basic items such as longsleeve shirts, blouses, midi skirts… with basic colors. Her matchy outfits with the male lead Hwang Hee Tae also capture the viewers’ attention. 

Now, We Are Breaking Up

The designer items worn by Song Hye Kyo in Now, We Are Breaking Up were quickly sold out, proving the actress’s impact. However, in the role of a fashion designer, Song Hye Kyo’s outfits are still considered underwhelming that even cause her to be overshadowed by other female characters. 

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