Fans were heartbroken when a JYP idol talks about the moment he realized how unpopular his group is

Being noticed by the casting staff on the street is something to be happy about, but this male idol from JYP feels sad and makes the fans feel extremely sorry for him.

There are many stories about Kpop idols being invited to auditions on the streets, and often these are things that they’re proud of because that idol must have such a special visual that the casting staff of entertainment companies paid attention to. However, there are still cases where these casting invitations make the offered person more sad than happy. The story that I.N of Stray Kids shared recently is a typical example.

Recently, I.N appeared on the Vlive show called ‘The Youngest’s Private Life’ to interact with his fans. When asked to tell a memory of high school, JYP Entertainment’s idol told a story that made many fans feel sorry. It happened when Stray Kids debuted for a year and was promoting the song ‘Double Knot’. This means that this story has only happened recently around October 2019.

On a day when I.N was walking down the street, a stranger came to talk. The male idol recounted: ‘Perhaps that was when our group was promoting’ Double Knot ‘. When I was walking on the street, someone suddenly came to stop me. That person asked me ‘Do you want to be a trainee at our company?’. Hearing this question, I.N was surprised and even shocked.

Although he was still quite surprised, I.N politely explained and declined: ‘When I heard that, I replied “I’m sorry. I already debuted.”  And then the casting staff was very embarrassed. That person asked me, “So what is your group’s name?”, And I said, “It’s Stray Kids.” When realizing it was a group from Big 3, the casting staff bowed 90 degrees and said: “I’m sorry” and left.

The casting staff might have had an awkward experience, but the situation with I.N was even more depressing. At that time, he realized that even though his group had debuted for more than a year, the entertainment company staff still did not recognize them. Despite I.N trying to laugh while telling the story, everyone can recognize that he was sad about this.

I.N shared, “At that time I was very sad. I already debuted, but I’m still sad. It’s actually not a big thing. But I’m still sad… It’s a bittersweet situation…I think it’s the best word to describe.”

From the debut until the ‘Double Knot’ promotion stage, Stray Kids did not achieve so many outstanding achievements. The ranking of their songs dropped miserably on the digital music chart, netizens also called Stray Kids as ‘JYP’s most failed group’ which made the fandom extremely painful.

However, the group is still doing well in album sales as the number of their albums sold is increasing. Many people think that Stray Kids has enough talent and visuals, but maybe the group needs more luck to be able to stand out in this ‘crowded’ Kpop industry.

Sources: tinnhac

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