Fans discovered that IZ*ONE’s teaser had a photoshop mistake

This is most likely the last time IZ*ONE makes a comeback, but the 12 girls’ teaser photos have been slightly edited

As planned, IZ * ONE will release the album One-reeler / Act IV on December 7.  This is most likely the last comeback of 12 girls because the contract is about to expire, and the group is still involved in a fraud scandal at Produce 48. This album has a lot of meaning to the 12 girls, so fans are looking forward to it. While everything had seemed to be perfect, fans found out one strange thing about the teaser photo.

It’s the photoshop edit for Chaeyeon. When you take a closer look at her, you can see how her sweater was oddly edited in which the buttons of her sweater did not align properly.

After that, the old photo was deleted and replaced with a new teaser. However, the design team of IZ*ONE is under fire for cảeless and irresponsible. Some people believe that, because IZ * ONE is about to disband, the company no longer pays attention to them. As expected, the group will disband in April 2021. 

IZ * ONE’s teaser photos make many people remember what Wanna One had been through.  Their last album, 1¹¹ = 1 (POWER OF DESTINY), was involved in plagiarism controversy and had a photoshop mistake. Bae Jinyoung’s face was edited, so fans could not recognize him because he looked too strange.

Therefore, some netizens believe that this is the general situation of groups formed from the show “Produce”.  When the contract gradually came to an end, they were neglected by the agency. 

Knet commented:

 – What is this…

 – Does the company not re-check before posting?

 – Wanna One also was treated like that.  They’ve been doing this for 3 years in a row, why can’t they just stop touching the photos?

– I’m not even a designer, but this is something anyone can do … How careless to release photos like this?

 – Don’t waste money on things like this.  From the beginning it was a cheating group, knowing they don’t care, they just want to make money.

 – Looks like the group is really about to disband.

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