“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” seen by “the first professor with autistic disorder in Korea”

Autistic people of various spectra and their families talked about the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

On August 4th, a video titled “We asked autistic people of various spectra. Do you sympathize with Woo Young-woo?” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Creal”.

In the video, people with autism spectrum disorder and their families talked about ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“, which tells “the survival story of Woo Young-woo, a rookie lawyer who has a genius brain and autism spectrum disorder, at a large law firm”.

Yoon Eun-ho, the first professor with autistic disorder in Korea, said with a smile, “A lot of people ask about the situation of teaching as an autistic person. Perhaps I had the most similar experience to Woo Young-woo in Korea.”

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When asked if her son “fell in love” with something like Woo Young-woo, who loves whales, a mother of an autistic person replied, “My son was very into cars when he was young. When he went to the playground, he lined up a line of cars of various sizes and kept staring at them. By the time he finished, it was over 2 hours.”

Regarding “routine,” Professor Yoon shared, “When I was younger, I was more sensitive to the system and wanted to be in the system. I think the most important thing to break a routine is the experience of ‘There are various things, you can do these things, there are options’.”

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When asked “Autistic people have excellent brains”, a mother who has an autistic son confessed, “It seems that Woo Young-woo is a person who has collected only the best cases of autism. About 10% of autistic people have Savant. It is said that Savant shows a very genius ability in one field. So now these questions are actually a bit tricky. It’s like ‘What’s he good at?'”

A younger brother who runs a family YouTube channel with his autistic sister said bitterly, “As for the content of the malicious comment I saw last time, they wrote ‘I was disappointed because it was a little different from Woo Young-woo.’ It was written like this, and when I saw it, I was instantly angry.”

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Columnist Lee Won-moo, who is a person with autism, expressed his thoughts, “‘Autistic people are geniuses’ In a way, there’s an aspect that conveys some of that error. Even in the case of a non-genius person with autism, it makes me think again and again that we really need so many views of the media that allow us to see small everyday life and such things as they are, as they are often introduced to mainstream society.”

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