Ex-Lover Dawn Keeps His Promise Even After Hyuna’s Marriage, “Won’t Delete Our Photos Even After Breakup”

Hyuna's ex-boyfriend Dawn once promised that he would not delete photos taken with Hyuna even after breaking up with her

Hyuna (32 years old) recently confirmed her marriage to Yong Jun-hyung (35 years old) and that the two would hold their wedding on October 11th. Immediately, attention is on Hyuna’s ex-boyfriend Dawn as he does not delete their dating photos in the past even after Hyuna gets married.

Hyuna and Dawn started dating in 2016 and officially broke up in 2022 after six years. They dated publicly for four years and shared many photos of their affectionate moments, such as kissing and hugging each other, on social media during that time. Apart from their romance, Hyuna and Dawn even collaborated in their main job. Dawn later proposed to Hyuna and they even boasted about their couple rings hinting at marriage, however, they suddenly parted ways shortly after that.

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Appearing on MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star” in 2019 when she was still dating Hyuna, Dawn coolly said, “I said I would not delete our pictures even if I broke up with Hyuna” adding “Those photos are also our memories, and I don’t want to care much about the public’s gaze”.

In fact, Hyuna deleted their photos after breaking up with Dawn, but Dawn did not. The male singer draws attention as all the pictures taken when Dawn was still dating Hyuna remain on his account even after Hyuna announced her marriage.

Hyuna is marrying Yong Jun-hyung 9 months after publicizing their romantic relationship. The couple has decided to hold an outdoor wedding at Samcheonggak in Seoul on October 11th.

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