Every K-drama romantic partner of Song Kang: Bed scenes with both Han So Hee and Park Min Young

Song Kang has filmed steamy bed scenes with 2 out of these 4 actresses. 

1. Kim So Hyun (Love Alarm)

In his first leading role, Song Kang had the opportunity to act alongside Korea’s top child actress Kim So Hyun. With such a heart-fluttering height difference and adorable on-screen moments, Song Kang and Kim So Hyun made many viewers root for them throughout both seasons of Love Alarm. Although their characters cannot end up together, the sweet chemistry of Song Kang and Kim So Hyun is still memorable.

2. Go Min Si (Sweet Home)

Go Min Si has been in the same project with Song Kang twice, but it was not until Sweet Home that the two played characters who have feelings for each other. However, their romance is not portrayed much in Sweet Home because the series is more about horror and action.

3. Han So Hee (Nevertheless)

The collaboration of the hottest rising actors on the Korean screen has brought a drama that is not suitable for viewers under 18. Song Kang – Han So Hee treated the audience to a “visual party” as well as a sizzling chemistry. The number of their kissing and bed scenes in Nevertheless is uncountable. Not surprisingly, the two were rumored to be dating.

4. Park Min Young (Forecasting Love and Weather)

Working with “queen of chemistry” Park Min Young, Song Kang is like a fish in water. In just episode 2, his character already has a one-night stand with a senior who is six years older than him. The two’s first kiss and bed scene made the drama’s rating increase sharply. Many viewers think that at this rate, Song Kang will become the master of bed scenes among the new generation’s actors.

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