ENHYPEN: “Chairman Bang Si-hyuk’s Warm Words and Praise Gave Us Strength”

The group ENHYPEN shared Chairman Bang Si-hyuk's support ahead of their comeback

On the afternoon of the 11th, ENHYPEN held a showcase to commemorate the release of their second full-length album ‘Romance : Untold’ at the Olympic Park Handball Stadium in Bangi-dong, Seoul, where they performed their new songs for the first time.


On this day, Heeseung responded to a question about Chairman Bang Si-hyuk’s support by saying, “Bang Si-hyuk often gives us a lot of encouragement. When we played the demo of ‘Highway 1009’ through the company, he didn’t hold back his praise. I remember him saying the song was good. It boosted our confidence and gave us the strength to work hard. Even in the waiting room, he gives us a lot of encouragement ahead of our comeback. He says many warm words, which makes me think we need to work even harder.”


The title track ‘XO’ is a pop song that unfolds a boy’s desire to do anything for someone special if they allow it, set in a romantic fantasy. American artist and singer-songwriter JVKE participated in the production, enhancing the musical quality.

ENHYPEN’s second full-length album ‘Romance : Untold’ will be released simultaneously worldwide at 1 PM on the 12th.

Source: daum

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