Ending School Violence” Kim Hieora Continues Loyalty with ‘The Glory’ cast

Actress Kim Hieora revealed her daily life

On the 4th, Kim Hieora shared several photos on her Instagram, saying, “I thought I was becoming a photographer, but I’m just someone holding a camera and carrying bags.”

kim hieora

The photos show Kim Hieora leisurely strolling along the beach, enjoying her peaceful daily life. Despite appearing like a photographer with a camera in hand, she jokingly induces laughter by mentioning she’s just helping with carrying bags and clothes.

Kim Hieora also shared a cute photo of herself with one foot slightly raised, saying, “My focused steps as if I were becoming a photographer.” Actress Im Ji-yeon, who collaborated with Kim Hye-ra on ‘The Glory’, commented on her photos, calling her “adorable.”

kim hieora

In other news, Kim Hieora resolved a school violence controversy last April. Her agency stated, “She met with the parties involved, sorted out long-standing memories, and took time to understand each other.”

Additionally, Kim Hieora has teamed up with a U.S. agent to kick-start her overseas career.

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