Director Hwang Dong Hyuk of “Squid Game” clarified the controversy over ‘feminism’

How did the director of “Squid Game” explain the scenes that caused ‘feminism’ controversy?

Currently, the “Squid Game syndrome” has not cooled down yet, and on Netflix, it has surpassed the popularity of “Lupin” and “Money Heist”. On the other hand, controversies related to the drama have also broken out. Most recently, netizens have brought up the case of ‘feminism’ in the drama to discuss.

On September 28, the director of “Squid Game“, Hwang Dong Hyuk, conducted a video interview and answered many questions related to the movie. In particular, he also clarified the controversial opinions related to ‘feminism’ issue.

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk was asked that many viewers have pointed out that Han Mi Nyeo (Kim Joo Ryeong) has no sense of gender sensitivity because there is a scene when she uses sex as a commodity. In response, he replied: “I believe not only Han Mi Nyeo, who uses her body as a commodity, do that in her case, but any person when being put in an extreme situation would act the same as they could do anything to safe their lives. I created the scene with no intention of demeaning, hating women, or anything like that. I considered that is what a human would do when they are pushed to the worst situation.”

In addition, regarding the criticisms related to the VIP scene when women with body printings appear and are used as entertainment tools, director Hwang explained:

“This scene was made not to say women are tools, but to some extent, it represents the fact that it is the powers of the VIPs that make anything, for instance, women, their objects. If you watch more closely, not all of them are women; men are also targeted. I don’t think seeing women as a tool is an appropriate action. But this scene was made to depict a setting that turned humans into entertainment objects.”

Source: Insight

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