Did NMIXX Sullyoon undergo cosmetic surgery?

Is Sullyoon really naturally beautiful?

Since her debut, Sullyoon has always garnered media attention for her sweet, pure beauty resembling a fairy, perfectly fitting Korean beauty standards. The NMIXX member possesses delicate features, from her angular face, high nose bridge, to her large, sparkling eyes. The idol, born in 2004, is even affectionately called “The Number One Visual of Gen 4” by Koreans, surpassing other famous beauties of the same generation like Jang Wonyoung and Karina.

However, recently, Sullyoon’s beauty has become a topic of discussion on social media as some opinions suggest she underwent cosmetic surgery to achieve her current stunning visuals.

Specifically, an account on the internet posted close-up images comparing Sullyoon’s appearance at debut and now to highlight the differences, especially in the nose tip. When comparing close-up side profiles, many opinions suggest that the tip of the 2004-born beauty’s nose appears slimmer and more refined.

The difference in Sullyoon’s nose tip currently (left) compared to her debut photo (right), which is raised, slimmer, and more refined. Before her debut, Sullyoon’s nose tip was less elegant and broader compared to her overall face.

With this cosmetic surgery suspicion, many people have defended Sullyoon, arguing that the differences in her nose tip in past photos are due to camera angles or makeup.

Some netizen comments:

  • Sullyoon is naturally beautiful, she looked like an angel even in her childhood photos!
  • Even if she adjusted her nose a bit, it’s fine; her features are already so beautiful!
  • Sullyoon’s face is over 90% natural, her features are stunning.
  • Whether she had surgery or not, you can’t deny she’s incredibly beautiful.
  • She’s been pretty since she was young, it’s probably just the camera angles.

Sullyoon has been beautiful since she was a kid with delicate features, not much different from now

Source: K14

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