“Dating rumors with Seungri” Yoo Hye Won appeared in a popular web drama in the past

Influencer Yoo Hye Won has been embroiled in dating rumors several times with former BIGBANG member Seungri.

Yoo Hye Won is known to have enjoyed a trip in Bangkok, Thailand with Seungri, drawing attention from many people.

yoo hye won

On March 22nd, based on informant A’s testimony, Dispatch reported that Seungri and Yoo Hye Won spent their vacation at a luxury hotel in Bangkok, and that the two walked around the lobby holding hands affectionately.

As the information was reported, many people are curious about Yoo Hye Won’s identity, and her appearance in the web drama “Go, Back Diary” on the YouTube channel “Playlist” in the past is attracting attention.

yoo hye won

Yoo Hye Won appeared as Han Mi Ra, the female friend of the main character Do Jae Hyun (Lee Jong Won), in “Go, Back Diary” (2018).

She perfectly portrayed the role of a villain who has a crush on the male lead.

In the drama, she drew many viewers’ attention by showing off her beauty and cute voice.

Many people were greatly surprised when it became known that Yoo Hye Won appeared in a popular web drama in the past.

yoo hye won

Meanwhile, Seungri and Yoo Hye Won were embroiled in dating rumors twice in 2018 and 2020, but at that time, they neither admitted nor denied these rumors.

Source: Insight

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