Dangerous scenes in K-pop MVs by idols that require great courage 

In order to get beautiful and shimmering footage for the MV, many artists have to perform risky scenes.

The images in MVs of Korean artists are always presented in a thoughtful and proper way. Besides the thorough investment of the entertainment company, the effort that the idols put in is also significant. Many idols even defy danger to produce the most unique and mesmerizing scenes possible.

Felix (Stray Kids) does parkour on a high-rise building

Recently, Stray Kids has just made a comeback to the K-pop race with the song MANIAC. This is the title track of the group’s album Oddinary. Watching the MV, fans are constantly attracted by the music and impressive visuals.

In the MV, the most prominent is the parkour scene of Felix. It is known that this scene did not require a stuntman, but he did it himself. The male idol does acrobatics on high-rise buildings for more than 10 seconds. This has made people extremely surprised by the working spirit of Stray Kids.

Stray Kids Felix
With only a few seconds of doing parkour, Felix has made a strong impression. 
Stray Kids Felix
The admirable working spirit of the handsome Stray Kids group. 

“Queen of stunts” called Rosé (BLACKPINK)

Longtime BLACKPINK fans will realize that Rosé is the member assigned the most risky scenes. From the day of her debut until now, whether in the group’s MV or solo, she often performs scenes that cause the audience a heart attack. Many fans will not forget the image of Rosé swinging on the chandelier in DDU-DU DDU-DU.

Rose Blackpink
Rosé’s swinging performance on the chandelier once made the audience admire and praise. 

In addition, when filming for the MV How You Like That, she also had to shoot a scene on a 360-degree rotating machine that shocked the audience. The main vocalist of BLACKPINK also retains an extremely attractive charisma without any fear.

Rose Blackpink
There are few female idols with a mind of steel like Rosé. 

BLINKs must be no stranger to the image of Rosé hanging around. In On The Ground, she flies in the air with only a tiny cable. It is known that Rosé filmed this scene for a long time in freezing cold weather. She also said: “I really thought I was going to freeze to death. I turned on the heaters on both sides of this place. I also stuffed the heating bag in the boot.”

Also in this MV, the 1997-born beauty also ran between bright fire sparks and sitting on an iron bar in front of the theater, making people admire. Although these scenes are very beautiful on screen, fans are still worried for her safety.

Rose Blackpink
Rosé’s courage and strength has brought fans great MVs. 
Rose Blackpink
Hanging in the cold weather to shoot the MV is not something everyone dares to do.

T-ara’s top-notch martial arts performance

T-ara once captivated K-pop fans with the songs Day By Day and Sexy Love (Drama Ver.). Not only impressed viewers with the music quality, their MV was also well invested. Accordingly, the audience can’t help being attracted by the dramatic action footage of the product.

The most noticeable is the scene of the members’ skillful martial arts performance. The girls showed off the top-notch sword battle that was both attractive and dangerous. It is known that before filming this scene, T-ara had to practice a lot to have the most perfect footage.

T-Ara Day By Day
Martial arts and action scenes are performed by T-ara members themselves.
T-Ara Day By Day
T-ara’s impressive scenes are perfectly executed to the smallest gesture and expression. 

V (BTS) pressed his cheek to the cold track

V is the first member to appear in BTS’s Spring Day MV released in 2017. When watching the group’s products, it’s hard for people to take their eyes off the light and white snow. However, fans were shocked when V stepped out onto the train tracks. Then, the guy knelt down and leaned over, pressing his cheek against the snowy track. Seeing this scene, the fans couldn’t stop mourning because the male idol had to record in the cold weather of Korea.

Spring Day BTS
Although it is very cold, V still maintains his charismatic aura. 
Spring Day BTS
The male idol had to use hot packs in behind-the-scenes. 

In order to get beautiful shimmering images and make an impression in the MV, many artists have to perform risky scenes. This makes people admire the spirit of sacrifice for the art of the idols. However, the fan community could not hide their concern about the idols’ safety when performing such scenes.

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