Comedians Kim Joon Ho and Kim Ji Min spent Chuseok together amid marriage rumors 

Kim Joon Ho and Kim Ji Min, who are dating, spent the holiday together.

On September 12, actress Hwang Bora shared new photos on her Instagram of her celebrity friends dressed in the traditional hanbok as they gathered and celebrated Chuseok together. 

In the photos, comedians Park Na Rae, Kim Ji Min, and Kim Joon Ho were sitting at the dinner table with Hwang Bora. In particular, the couple Kim Joon Ho and Kim Ji Min sat side by side and closely to each other.

Kim Joon Ho and Kim Ji Min were confirmed to be dating in April of this year. They went from coworkers to lovers despite the 9-year age difference. When Kim Joon Ho lost his father, Kim Ji Min stayed by his side. The two have lately been rumored to be getting married. 

Meanwhile, Hwang Bora will get married in November to Cha Hyun Woo, the son of actor Kim Yong Geon and younger brother of Ha Jung Woo, after 10 years of dating.

hwang bora

Source: Wikitree

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