Chuu Mentions Role Model IU, “I Was Encouraged By Her Hug & Want To Impress Her”

Singer Chuu, who is about to make her comeback with “Strawberry Rush”, expressed her feelings about role model IU

At 6 p.m. on June 25th, Chuu will make her comeback by releasing the second mini album “Strawberry Rush” on all music sites as well as the music video for the title song of the same name then begin carrying out various promotional activities. It’s been 4 months since Chuu released her first digital single “Chocolate” in February and 8 months since the release of her first mini album “Howl” in October last year.


Chuu’s second mini-album “Strawberry Rush” will continue the worldview of her previous album “Howl”, depicting the process of recalling precious childhood dreams and imaginations that have been forgotten while chasing after a trophy in the repetitive reality. The title song is an impressive electro-pop with a dreamy synth sound and a unique base sound combined with rhythmic melody and fun lyrics to highlight Chuu’s positive energy and emotions.

Not only doing well in her main job as a singer, Chuu is also active in entertainment programs and has a desire to challenge acting. Chuu said, “There are people who like me after seeing me on broadcasts, and some like me after seeing LOONA’s activities. I guess there are people who become my fans after watching my solo activities. I have many dreams and want to show them how I grow through various activities. Also, I want to try acting and communicate with fans through a lot of activities in the future”.

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Mentioning IU as her role model, Chuu said, “She proves her presence in many fields other than singing. Although I’m still inexperienced, I want to do well like IU did and I’m doing it step by step. I went to her concert and she gave me a big hug at the backstage. If there is a chance, I want to go to her concert again and leave an impression on her”.


Chuu challenged acting through the web drama “Dating Class” when she just debuted. In this regard, she shared, “I had great memories. I became curious about acting after doing it. Since then, I began studying acting by watching dramas and movies. I find it fun to see myself on the monitor while preparing for my album. I guess the process of considering how my facial expressions, face angles, and actions would show on the screen made me want to start acting properly”.

Meanwhile, Chuu’s second mini album “Strawberry Rush” will be available on music sites at 6 p.m. on June 25th/

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