“The biting heart pose I created was followed by BTS, TWICE, EXO”, Chuu appeared on “DNA Singer” with her mother and told her stories

LOONA’s Chuu confessed that she was the first person who do the biting heart.

LOONA’s Chuu appeared on SBS’s program “DNA Singer – Fantastic Family”, which aired on August 4th, together with her mother Kim Mi-seon.

Chuu introduced herself as “a star who rises from gifs”. Chuu’s mother Kim Mi-seon showed off her singing skills as she appeared and sang the song “You Are That Person”.

When the panelists expressed their admiration for her amazing singing ability, Kim Mi-seon said, “I did not learn to sing professionally. I like singing, so I have been singing while doing activities for volunteering clubs for 13 years.”

When asked, “Did Chuu become a singer thanks to the influence of her mother?”, Kim Mi-seon replied, “It’s 99%”.

Talking about Chuu, Kim Mi-seon said, “She went to Seoul alone after entering the arts high school. She’s the person who always ends up doing whatever she wants to do. I told her to do whatever she wanted to and cheered for her.”

Mentioning her famous heart meme, Chuu said, BTS, TWICE, EXO, and many other artists followed my pose in the gif and it became famous”, explaining why she introduced herself as “a star who rises from gifs”.

Mother and daughter Chuu & Kim Mi-seon decorated the stage by performing the song “Beautiful World”.

Yang Se-chan praised, saying “I didn’t know that Chuu could sing this good. I was very surprised. I think you inherited this talented DNA from your mother.”

Chuu agreed, “My mom played a lot of songs for me when I was young. I just sang along and naturally became a singer like now.”

Lee Hyun-yi said, “I envied your mother. Because she has you as her daughter. I wished I had a daughter like you”. Jang Do-yeon added, “I wished I had a mother like her (Chuu’s mother)”. 

In fact, Kim Mi-seon refused to appear on the program at first. She said, “I thought I couldn’t do it because I would become very nervous. After watching the stage of No Min-woo’s family, I suddenly wanted to do it, so I decided to come out on the show”, revealing the reason for her appearance on “DNA Singer”. 

Chuu confessed, “My mom gave up singing because of me”. Kim Mi-seon then revealed her own story, saying “I really liked Gagok (a kind of Korean traditional music). I started studying it again after I turned 40. I went to school with kids of the same age as my daughter and studied even harder than when I was in my school days.”

Chuu said, “I think it was very difficult to start doing something at my mom’s age. It looked tired and difficult even to me. I was motivated a lot by my mom’s passion and hard work.”

Regarding Chuu’s biting heart, Lee Soo-geun said, “I thought it was created by Kang Ho-dong”. Chuu replied, “I also thought it was a new one”, drawing laughter.

Source: daum

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