Choo Ja Hyun and f(x) Amber to reportedly participate in Chinese girl group survival program “Sisters Who Make Waves”

f(x) Amber will appear in the next season of the Chinese entertainment show that Jessica participated in.

On April 5th, many Chinese entertainment media outlets reported the list of participants for “Sisters Who Make Waves 2023”, the fourth season of the girl group survival program “Sisters Who Make Waves”. Earlier, the show attracted attention among Chinese fans as it was known that actress Choo Ja Hyun would appear.


A total of 33 participants, including 17 Chinese people, 4 Hong Kong people, 5 Taiwanese people and 7 foreigners, will compete. Choo Ja Hyun and Amber were listed on the list of foreign participants. In addition, foreigners such as Japanese singer Mayria, Vietnamese singer Chi Pu and Russian singer KHylin will participate.

According to local media, the first recording took place in Changsha, China. Previously, Choo Ja Hyun, who headed to Changsha from Beijing, smiled brightly in front of local media’s camera.

The result of the first performance was also revealed. It is said that Amber scored 74 points in the audience vote, but unfortunately, Choo Ja Hyun failed to make it to the top 20.


Meanwhile, Choo Ja Hyun’s regular appearance on a Chinese entertainment program is drawing attention as it is the first time since the Banning of Korean trade and culture by Chinese government, which began in 2017. It is meaningful in that the Chinese entertainment industry is showing a movement to open again after banning Korean contents and appearances of Korean celebrities.

Featuring Choo Ja Hyun and Amber, “Sisters Who Make Waves” is a survival program in which female celebrities in their 30s or older compete to re-debut as a girl group. Former Miss A members Fei and Jia appeared in season 1, and former Girls’ Generation member Jessica appeared in season 3.

Source: nate

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