Celebrities who gave high-end gifts to staff and fans: Liu Yifei, Jennie, and many more sent luxury items

Many Asian stars don’t hesitate to show their staff with high-end gifts

Liu Yifei, BLACKPINK Rosé and Jennie, Suzy, Chungha, Hwasa, and various other Korean and Chinese stars, are said to be smart for giving staff items from brands they represent. Such an action not only helps promote said brands, but also paints the artist’s image in a better light, earning them the love of both the public and fans. Meanwhile, staff members will also be happier, and care more for their artists. 

Celebrities who gave high-end gifts to staff and fans
Liu Yifei recently blew netizens away, having spent a fortune on presents for crew members and cast  “A Dream of Splendor”. In particular, the famous actress gifted everyone a luxury Louis Vuitton bag just as filming ended. Previously, Liu Yifei also became a hot topic after sending an expensive mask to actress Liu Yan.
Liu Yi-fei
However, while Liu Yifei is extremely generous with other people, she’s pretty frugal to herself. The actress has been wearing the same padding jacket for 10 years, since she was a small name in the industry. 
BLACKPINK Jennie is also known for her generosity. The female idol used to gifted the famous dance duo “Kwon Twins” high-end Gucci items. At the time, she was greatly praised for this choice of present, especially as Kwon Twins also worked with Gucci at the time. 
In a previous episode, Jennie gave Hera’s iconic foundations and lipstick to fans during the promotion for “Kill This Love”. 
The Chanel global ambassador has sent various Chanel items to close friends and co-workers.
Rose Blackpink
After becoming the global ambassador for luxury designer house Saint Lauren, BLACKPINK Rosé went all out, sending her colleagues and staff numerous items from the brand, including wallet, necklace, T-shirts. Accordingly, these people shared their thanks towards the female idol, and even called her “Miss Saint Lauren”. 
Suzy is also extremely generous when it comes to gifts to fans. In 2018, after departing from Miss A and debuting as a soloist, the idol-actress spent over $60,000 on presents dedicated to 800 people who attended her comeback showcase for “Faces of Love”. This gift package included a Lancome lipstick. In addition, just a few days later, Suzy sent out 350 expensive Didier Dubot lipsticks for fans who came to her recording for music show “M Countdown”. 
In Christmas 2019, Chungha provided all her dancers with Louis Vuitton bags, all with completely different designs. The female idol reportedly picked the bags herself to meet each dancer’s liking and personality. Previously, she has also sent out gifts from Alexander Wang, Chanel, and Off-White. 
Upon the success of her solo track “Twit”, Hwasa performed the song at the 2020 Gaon Music Awards. Here, the female idol gave all of her dancers luxurious designs from Prada, Balenciaga, and Fendi. Her photo of the gift immediately made headlines after being posted. 
In November 2019, every fan who attended HyunA’s showcase for “Flower Shower” received spectacular gifts, which includes high-end makeup essentials like foundation and lipsticks from Yves Saint Lauren, as well as shirts and blankets. 
During her promotion for “Siren”, solo artist Sunmi gave fans items from Dior, such as lipsticks and perfumes.  

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