BTS’s visuals when transformed into girls: the most surprising are Jin and RM

The visuals of BTS female version will surely make girl groups feel “nervous”.

 Everyone knows that BTS is a group of both talents and visuals, having some of the most handsome faces in the world. With such great visuals, what would BTS look like if they turned into girls?

 Recently, when the trend of gender face swap with photo editing tools spread everywhere on social media, a fan with the Twitter account andrea_btsOT7 edited BTS faces into women photos.  See the photos below, surely fans will be surprised with the visuals of 7 members. Especially the beauty of Jin female version will make ARMYs jealous because he looks so pretty like a Kpop goddess.

 1. Jin

Oldest member Jin is often called “Worldwide Handsome” for a reason. When “transforming” into a girl, Jin has a classy, elegant beauty as foreign stars.  His facial features are extremely sharp, making many female fans jealous.

The female version of Jin looks pretty with any hairstyle. Fans would definitely be captivated by the side profile of Jin. If debut as an idol, Jin female version will probably compete with Irene, Tzuyu and Jisoo as one of the 3rd generation top visuals.

 2. RM

RM female version looks like a smart and wise lady, having an elegant and modern fashion style. The bright eyes of the BTS leader don’t change whether male or female.  

The signature dimples make RM’s smile look more sweet and attractive. RM’s look after being edited into a girl surprised fans the most because “she” is too beautiful! 

 3. Suga

 Suga originally looks really fierce and cool, so when fans turned him into a girl, he still has that fierce and classy aura. Seeing the photos of sexy black-haired Suga, many netizens think of Lisa (BLACKPINK).

The female version of Suga looks like a rich, beautiful lady with an incomparable aura. The charming monolid eyes make Suga female version even more refreshing and attractive.

 If Suga in this appearance debuted as an actress, fans would surely fall in love with her.

 4. J-Hope

 If J-Hope were a girl, this visual will steal fanboy hearts.  Not to mention, J-Hope’s female version also has versatile aura, diverse expressions, sometimes bright and innocent, sometimes attractive and mystical.

J-Hope as a woman is also tall and has perfect body proportion.

 5. V

As expected of the face who won first place in the Top 10 most handsome faces in the world in 2020, V whether male or female still owns a rare, charming visual that can attract everyone. The female version of V will definitely be extremely famous thanks to the doll-like face, topping the visual rankings of female artists in Kbiz.

With visuals like this, V female ver can completely debut as an actress.  V’s flawless face with high nose and dreamy eyes will definitely make the audience glued to the screen.  

 6. Jimin

 Jimin’s bright smile hasn’t changed.  In the face of the girls that was edited by fans, Jimin looks extremely sweet and pretty.

The Vline face with harmonious features of “female idol” Jimin would definitely be praised by netizens on online forums.

 7. Jungkook

Female ver of Jungkook will be a top visual, as pretty as his idol IU. As expected from the world-famous male idol, Jungkook’s visual from every angle radiates the aura of a celebrity.

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