BTS RM reveals he always celebrate Christmas by working

On December 23rd, the tvN program “Dictionary of Useless General Knowledge” aired a special broadcast centered around the theme of Christmas. 


On the same day, RM asked Jang Hang Joon if he celebrated Christmas, and received a negative reply. At the same time, RM was also asked if he held any Christmas celebration. 

Regarding this, RM said, “I think singers always work (during Christmas) because there are many performances, events, and festivals at the end of the year”. He then added that Christmas is a day of gift-giving, but by the time children reach 9 or 10 years old, they would be told Santa is not real. 


Catching on to the topic of Santa, professor Kim Sang Wook questioned, “Isn’t it more difficult to be a Santa these days without a chimney? Santa would have to at least come to the door and know the password for the common entrance of the apartment.”

Source: Nate 

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