BTS Jungkook amazes fans with his handsomeness with attractive eyes, modern style, and high-class aura in new Samsung Mobile CF

BTS Jungkook’s overwhelming ‘flower boy’ visual shines in a new advertisement photo.

Samsung Mobile, which BTS is modeling for, recently released on its official SNS account a new photo of member Jungkook together with its product Galaxy Z Flip 4.

The released image shows Jungkook opening the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and taking a selfie with charming eyes and a soft smile, catching the eyes of fans and netizens.

Jungkook created his own urban sophistication and high-quality aura by wearing long-haired mullet hair and a tweed jacket.

bts jungkook galaxy z flip

In addition, with a sensuous pose and a lively expression, Jungkook boasted a force comparable to that of a fantastic top model, raising the sense of immersion.

At the same time, Jungkook boasted a handsome figure with splendid and clear features that instantly glowed, and the stylish tattoo engraved on the back of his hand also caught the eye.

bts jungkook galaxy z flip

In response, netizens said, “Jungkook is really handsome. It’s unrealistic”. “Jungkook’s face did everything”, “The coolest and cutest model♥,” “Jungkook is so handsome and sexy at the same time,” “Show us the picture he took,” “Jungkook is pretty and handsome every day,” and “Jungkook is the perfect model.”

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