BTS Jin touched fans with his considerate action of reassuring them about his finger injury, “It really doesn’t hurt” 

After the performance at the Grammys, BTS’ Jin has touched fans with his dashing look and passionate love for fans, like the handsome man of the century.

The 64th Grammy Awards was held in Las Vegas, USA on the 4th (Korean time). BTS heated up the Grammys with their best hit song ‘Butter‘.

Jin recently had surgery to stitch the wound due to a finger injury. However, he has made fans crazy with his beautiful voice and elegant performance style.

After that, Jin released a photo on his Instagram.


Jin, who made the Grammy audience flooded with the question of “who is the guy in the light brown suit”, excited fans with his handsome, small face, broad shoulders, and overwhelming golden-ratio long legs.


Jin immediately posted a mirror selfie with the words ‘click‘. Jin wore long hair, revealing half of his forehead while taking a selfie, showing off his slim face, clear skin, big glittering eyes, high nose bridge and sexy thick lips.

His captivating beauty worthy of the nickname ‘the male god of beauty’ stole the hearts of those who saw it at once.

Meanwhile, surprised by the sound of the champagne lid opening during the V LIVE broadcast with BTS members after finishing their Grammy performance, Jin hit his hand against his knee and showed a painful expression. Soon after, Jin said, “I was so startled and hit the knee with my hand”, “I was so surprised”, then reassured fans and the members that he was okay with a smile on his face.


As if Jin had read lots of comments worrying about him, Jin came on Weverse and left a message, “No, my finger doesn’t hurt. Seriously. It got it wrapped because I might have to get surgery again if there’s a great force onto it. If you pretend it hurts, people around will be cautious… Good tip”. 

Jin’s considerate action of comforting fans after enduring the pain and finishing the performance touched fans even more. He even added the comment, “No, it seriously doesn’t hurt…”, and showed his enormous love for fans.

In particular, Jin has been posting cute comments and photos on Weverse as well as Twitter to prevent fans from worrying about small injuries, such as hitting the glass window with the forehead or mosquito bites. However, fans poured out more supportive, comforting, and affectionate messages as he has shown his professionalism by enduring great injuries alone and performing perfectly.

Jin, who often wore fanmade hats throughout the concerts and held events to make fans happy, is well-known as a person who has a great love for fans and doesn’t want to reveal his negative emotional state or pain to ARMY. He once said, “ARMYs are the first people whom we want to inform of good things. If something sad happens, we want to hide it from them. We want to show them only good things and share only good things with them. We exist because of ARMYs”, “I sometimes look through fans’ reactions on the Internet. When I’m happy, they’re also happy. But when I’m sad, they will sympathize with me and also feel sad and depressed”.

This time again, he hid his injured hand behind his back for fear that fans would be worried and sad. Even when he felt pain, he just smiled to relieve fans.


Fans gave enthusiastic responses to Jin, such as, “He’s such a handsome and cool prince”, “I’m sad seeing him hiding his hand behind his backㅠㅠ You’re really handsome Seok-jin ahㅠㅠ”, “I think he is so used to being considerate of others. Get well soon”, “It must have been so hurt when you moved your hand. How can you dance with it?”, “Thanks for being considerate of ARMYs, Seok-jinㅠㅠ Please get well soon”, “Jin really loves his fans. He still smiles even when he looks painful”, “I’m cryingㅠㅠ Get well soon, Seok-jin”, “Look how considerate Seok-jin is. He was afraid that ARMYs would be worried”, “There are peripheral nervous system and tendons inside fingers, so it must have hurt him a lot. I really respect Jin after seeing him dance like thatㅠㅠ”, “You performed and sang live so well even when you were hurtㅠㅠ You’re the best”, “Luckily you finished the stage safely. You’re dance and singing were the best”, “I’m sure that fans will understand. You don’t often show fans that you are hurt. This breaks my heart even moreㅠㅠ Thank you for doing your best. I love youㅠㅠ Get well soon”, etc.

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