BTS Jimin left warm messages at 3 AM: “I’m so grateful and sorry that ARMYs are all trying to be strong”

”Dawn Fairy” Jimin spoke warm words to a troubled fan on Weverse.

At 3 AM on February 10th, BTS Jimin advised fans who share their concerns, “I think you have more thoughts about the future than the past when you are in times of trouble. Why don’t you stop struggling, stop worrying about other people and think of something that can make you a little happier?”

BTS Jimin Weverse

He then left a message for all the fans, “Furthermore, I know you’d be having a hard time as COVID-19 continues to be around on top of things going on in your life. All of you. Also, I know how much everyone’s cheering up. I’m so grateful and sorry that ARMYs are all trying to be strong.”

BTS Jimin Weverse

Meanwhile, BTS has entered the second official long-term vacation since their debut on December 6th. After spending time recharging until January, they will focus on preparing for the release of a new album. The release date has not been confirmed yet.

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