Brave Girls Yujeong, “I don’t think an idol’s lifespan is that long”

Brave Girls Yujeong expresses her worries about idol activities on “Diet”.

In episode 9 of KBS 2TV’s “Diet” (directed by Choi Ji-na), which is scheduled to air on June 25th, members’ stress, depression, anxiety tests and psychological counseling are conducted so that they can diet more healthily in a way that suits them. In the process, Yujeong, who is currently active under girl group Brave Girls, confesses her innermost thoughts that she has never revealed.

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On this day, Kim Shin-young suggests not only stress tests but also psychological counseling for “Diet” members, who are under stress due to various causes such as plateau, busy schedules, childcare and music work. Accordingly, the members honestly talk about their worries and feelings based on their test results.

Brave Girls Yoojung

In particular, Yujeong, who always radiates bright energy, surprises everyone by receiving an unexpected result. Regarding this, Yujeong said, “I don’t think an idol’s lifespan is that long. I have to find a way on my own, but I don’t know how to do it.”

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Yujeong is also stressed because of her diet plateau. Yujeong is not losing weight despite her diet and exercise as usual, so her nerves are on edge that she thinks, “Should I starve?” She is expected to arouse sympathy from dieters.

Brave Girls Yoojung

You can check unspeakable worries and innermost thoughts of Yujeong, who always spreads the happy virus with her smiling face, and Kim Shin-young’s “method to overcome plateau” to “Diet” members, who are under stress due to plateau, at 10:35 PM on June 25th.

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