BLACKPINK’s Lisa took the spotlight at the airport with bright blonde hair

Lisa looked gorgeous as always.

Following the two members Jisoo and Jennie, Lisa was present at the airport to go to Paris to do her own schedule. The images of the female idol here surprised fans. The youngest BLACKPINK member still maintained her good sense of fashion, but it was her hair that occupied the most spotlight.

Lisa Blackpink
 Lisa was at the airport on her way to France.  (Photo: Newsen)

At noon on March 12, Lisa appeared at the airport and attracted all the attention. The youngest member of BLACKPINK wore a simple outfit that made her look like a CEO. The combination of a blazer, black pants and a white shirt looked elegant and chic accompanied by a trendy handbag.

Lisa‘s airport fashion style has never failed to stand out. However, what fans noticed the most was the female idol’s hair. The Thai-born beauty seemed to have dyed her hair blonde, which was even brighter than her past hair color. Is this her intention to make a big shot when doing in an international individual schedule?

Dressed in a somewhat elegant and CEO-like outfit, Lisa‘s expressions taken by the reporter’s cameras were extremely lovely. Meeting fans at the airport, the youngest member of BLACKPINK constantly waved her fans goodbye. Not only that, she also made heart signs to show her affection and appreciation.

BLINKs were even more fluttered when Lisa showed her childishness and fooled around at the airport. Fans could see the happy look of the Thai idol ahead of this trip.

Lisa‘s happiness was obvious in her expressions and actions. As a result, her fans were equally delighted when they saw her at the airport.

  • The blonde Lisa is back.
  • Her expression is so cute.  Lisa seems to be happy to meet her fans.
  • My Lisa is very pretty and cute today, safe flight my girl!
Lisa Blackpink
Lisa boss-like aura at the airport.

Fans have high expectations for Lisa‘s international schedule this time. Many sources said that she would participate in Paris Fashion Week. Before that, Lisa was once unable to attend this event, making fans disappointed and angry.

Mr. Jean Christophe Babin – CEO of Bvlgari posted a status line about Lisa being unable to attend the brand’s show despite being a Global Ambassador. He wrote: ““Lisa is in Paris, but unfortunately, due to COVID, her agency doesn’t want her to participate [in any event],” wrote Babin. “[It’s a] pity as we have an incredible BVLGARI event tomorrow (October 6) in Milano, and she won’t attend.”

Lisa Blackpink
Before that, YG was accused of deliberately preventing Lisa from participating in the fashion show.

The fashion connections that Lisa has are not inferior to other members of BLACKPINK.  Moreover, the female idol has repeatedly proven her impact at international fashion shows.  Therefore, her arrival in Paris brings a lot of hope to the fans. It promises to be a breakthrough step for the Thai female idol.

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