Big Hit’s official apology for the similarity between TXT – Tiffany’s fanclub name, “We will decide on a new name”

Big Hit Entertainment officially apologized for the controversy over the name of its boy band TXT’s fandom and fanclub name.

On May 6, Big Hit Entertainment said on its official SNS account, “After the official fandom name of TOMOROW X TOGETHER was announced on April 25, we have confirmed the fact that the fandom name we had chosen was already in use by another artist. In the process of selecting the fanclub name, we did not fully review the similarities with other fandom and fanclub names. We apologize to many fans who have been waiting for the name of the official fan club of TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and to those who might have felt uncomfortable by this incident.”

“We decided to re-select the official fanclub name for TOMORROW X TOGETHER. Based on the ideas that fans are suggesting, we will carefully review and announce the new names of the fanclub,” they affirmed.

On April 25, TXT’s fan club name was announced to be “YOUNG ONE” after collecting opinions from fans for about two weeks through official channels.

After the name announcement, people started pointing out that the name Young One has already been used by Tiffany Young, a member of the group’s Girls’ Generation. Tiffany Young, who recently made her debut as a solo artist in the U.S. and has been working in both the U.S. and Korea, explained in a broadcast in September last year that her fandom name came from her stage name “Young”, with the meaning of “eternity” and that she meant to be with them forever.

Sources: nate

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