Berry Good’s Jo-hyun cried after finding out about the malicious comments on her cosplay controversy

Berry Good Jo-hyun has expressed her feelings regarding the controversy over her cosplay costume.

Jo-hyun appeared in a pre-event video of CJ ENM game channel OGN’s idol e-sports competition “Game Dol-lympics 2019: Golden Card“.

In the video, Cho openly talked about the reasons for the controversial Ari cosplay, the course of the cosplay, and how he felt when seeing the reaction that followed on social media.

It’s my first time wearing a costume. I think I did well because fans said that they liked it and I looked so cool,” she said.

As for the reason for choosing Ari to cosplay, she added, “When I first started playing League of Legend, I chose Ari as my character. I wanted to give it a try, so I answered that in the pre-survey,” she confessed.

I was wondering how the red carpet picture came out, so I asked my manager for a phone, and I looked it up, and I saw the comments,” she said. “I wasn’t upset when I heard something bad. Still, I went to the bathroom and calmed myself down and then return to the filming“.

Everyone has different ideas, but I wrote on social media to express the character of the game better than blaming it for someone else’s fault, so I thought, ‘I’d take it as it is.’

She also said, “I’ll do anything for fans who give me love and attention. Please watch my performance.

In addition to the interview, the video clip for about five minutes also shows Johyun happily preparing for the cosplay with the help of a professional cosplay team, the Spiral Cats.

The idol game league full version will be broadcast on OGN TV Channel at 4 p.m. on July 13 and 14.

Source: nate

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