BamBam Wants to Invite G-Dragon to His Variety Show “Bam’s House”

BamBam has recently expressed his wish to invite G-Dragon as a guest to his YouTube show, “Bam’s House.”

During a recent appearance on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope,” BamBam was asked about his favorite guests on “Bam’s House,” where he invites celebrities to his home and has conversations with them in a relaxed atmosphere. 


BamBam picked GOT7 as the most memorable guest. Unfortunately, all the members did not appear at once, so BamBam hopes he will be able to invite them as a whole group in the future season.

When asked if there was anyone else he wanted to invite, BamBam took a moment to think before saying, “This might be a big dream, but I really want to invite G-Dragon sunbaenim to my show. I’ve never seen him on a YouTube show before, so I don’t know if he does it, but I want to invite him at least once.”

BamBam then shared, “He goes to the same (makeup) shop as me, and he also watches ‘Transit Love’. He definitely watches YouTube and shows that are viral these days, so I think it would be nice if I could invite him to my show once. Since he is my role model.” 

Source: Daum

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