“Artist Song” Song Mino officially debuted as a painter, will exhibit his new work in September

Song Mino, a member of Winner and a painter, will present his new paintings.

StART Art Fair Seoul 2022 will be held at The Seoul Lightium in Seongdong-gu, Seoul from September 1st to 6th.

StART Art Fair is an art fair held every October at the Saatchi Gallery during Frieze Week in London. This year, it will be held in Seoul following London.


Along with singers Kang Seung-yoon and Henry, Song Mino, who is actively working as a painter under the name Ohnim, will participate in the “StART Art Fair Seoul 2022.”

Newsen reported that Song Mino, who was officially invited as a special artertainer, will unveil his new painting at the art fair.

“StART Art Fair” said, “He has received love calls in the worldwide art field such as England and Austria, and is now recognized as a decent artist.” The art fair praised Song Mino, saying, “He spreads out countless frames of emotion that he can’t express in words on the canvas with his mysterious personality.”

Song Mino

“This ‘StART Art Fair Seoul 2022’ will introduce a special method to invite public participation for the development of the Korean art market and the advancement of domestic artists to the global stage. The works of the artists selected through strict screening will continue to be displayed at the London Luxury Gallery and the Seoul Tour Exhibition, where they will introduce the diversity and artistry of Korean art to the world.”

Meanwhile, Song Mino, who studied painting on his own, made his official debut as a painter through the exhibition “SEEA 2019”, which is to discover talented new artists held at Seongnam Art Center Gallery in 2019.


Since then, Song Mino has participated in the “StART Art Fair” held at the Saatchi Gallery in October 2020. This made him the first Korean musician to display paintings at the Saatchi Gallery

Song Min-ho is also recognized as a professional painter after participating in the exhibition of Saatchi Gallery in October last year.

Source: insight

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