Appealing for leniency due to “financial difficulties”, Kim Sae Ron released photos certifying that she is working part-time 

Early in the morning of March 11th, Kim Sae Ron posted on her SNS account several photos of her packing drinks and making bread at a cafe.

Earlier on the 8th, Kim Sae Ron attended her first trial on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act. Kim Sae Ron’s lawyer asked for leniency, stating that “the defendant is supporting her family as the breadwinner. Not only the defendant but also her family are suffering from financial difficulties due to this incident.” However, the prosecution demanded a fine of 20 million won for Kim Sae Ron, and a fine of 5 million won for A, the passenger in Kim Sae Ron’s car at the time of the incident.


Later, some netizens pointed out that Kim Sae Ron asked for leniency, claiming that she is facing financial difficulties after paying off all the damage compensations but could still hire a leading lawyer from one of the top 10 law firms in Korea for herself.


In this regard, Kim Sae Ron’s lawyer said in an interview with the Law Times on March 10th that he took on this case through an acquaintance’s introduction, adding “Kim Sae Ron has been using the money she earned to support her family, and it is true that she is having financial struggles after being charged with advertisement penalties.”


Meanwhile, in May of last year, Kim Sae Ron caused an accident when driving under the influence of alcohol at the Hakdong intersection in Gangnam-gu. She reportedly crashed into a tree and a transformer, causing power outages to 57 nearby stores for about three hours. At that time, Kim Sae Ron’s blood alcohol level was measured to be 0.2%, much higher than the license revocation limit of 0.08%.

Source: Wikitree

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