Apink’s first unit CHOBOM (Chorong X Bomi), debut album name is “Copycat”

The debut album name of Apink’s first unit CHOBOM has been confirmed as “Copycat”.

The agency IST Entertainment unveiled the concept poster of Apink CHOBOM (Chorong, Bomi)’s first single album “Copycat” through Apink’s official SNS channels at 11 PM on June 21st.

In the colorful and kitsch atmosphere of the concept poster, Park Cho-rong and Yoon Bo-mi drew attention with their Barbie doll-like appearance. At the same time, the name of the two’s first single album “Copycat” was revealed, raising expectations.

“Copycat” is a word that refers to a person who imitates and copies. CHOBOM will transform into cute and mischievous copycats, presenting a lively and refreshing charm that is different from what they have shown. It also means that the two people, who pride themselves on each other’s “soulmates”, always show their minds and actions that identify with each other.


Apink CHOBOM will release their first single album “Copycat” and kick off unit debut activities on July 12th. As this is Apink’s first unit after 11 years of debut, many K-pop fans are paying attention. The two are raising expectations by heralding a new charm that is different from when they are active as Apink.

Park Cho-rong and Yoon Bo-mi are Apink members who celebrate their 11th debut anniversary this year. They are loved by the public for their numerous hit songs such as “Mr. Chu”, “NoNoNo” and “LUV”. In February, through promotional activities for the 10th debut anniversary special album “HORN”, Apink still showed off their strong girl group potential, including breaking their own highest first-week sales record and topping music shows.


The two are active in various fields such as dramas, entertainment shows and personal YouTube. They also boasted their close friendship and chemistry by appearing together on entertainment shows “Battle Trip” and “My Fantasy House”.

Source: Daum

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