Another victim of YG’s lie: the new YG boy group’s debut plan has been postponed?

The upcoming YG boy group and their future are scarily unstable.

2019 is indeed a hard year for YG Entertainment’s artists. Recently, the media reported that the debut plan for  TREASURE 13 – the 13-member boy group comes from the survival show “YG Treasure Box” – has been canceled.

TREASURE 13’s debut plan in July has been canceled.

This is the result of Yang Hyun Suk resigning and getting himself into the illegal business. A source from YG revealed: “Yang Hyun Suk is the main producer in charge of the debut project of TREASURE 13, however his resigning due to prostitution procuring allegation has slowed everything down. Basically, TREASURE 13 debut plan has been postponed indefinitely.”

Regarding this information, as always, YG commented: “We have no comment regarding this issue.

Before this, Yang Hyun Suk has announced that YG’s new boy group has been planned to debut in between May and July. This agency has even posted teasers for the group but there’s still no sign showing that the boys will have their debut in the near future.

TREASURE 13’s future has become an unanswered question after YG’s scandal series and Yang Hyun Suk’s resignment.

Source: Kenh14

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