AKB48’s Okada Nana apologizes for dating rumor and announces graduation 

Okada Nana, who was recently swept up in dating rumors, has announced her graduation.

On November 23rd, Japanese idol group AKB48‘s member  Okada Nana posted a long message that began with, “I’m really sorry for having caused a lot of trouble with the weekly magazine. I’m also sorry for the late apology.”

akb48 okada nana

She said, “I’m really sorry for hurting the fans who have supported me so far by betraying them.” At the same time, she said, “However, there is nothing false in what I said at the time. I can’t help it if you think it’s not convincing, but it’s true that I’ve been doing my best as an idol for the past 10 years. I really love AKB48 and the staff, members, and fans,”

Okada Nana continued, “I decided to think carefully and organize things on my own. I’m graduating from AKB48. The staff said I don’t have to graduate, but this is my decision. The graduation period is undecided, but I will work hard on AKB48 activities until the end.” She concluded, saying, “I’m sorry for being this kind of person.”

akb48 okada nana

Previously, on November 19th, Japanese weekly magazine Shūkan Bunshun published photos of Okada Nana walking around arm in arm with musical actor Hiroki Ino, who is 5 years older than her, and reported that the two were dating and were currently looking for a house to live together.

The dating rumor itself was shocking, but criticism especially grew because of Okada Nana’s past remarks. She once said, “I’m bi (bisexual), so there will be no scandal” and “Dating is an issue of professionalism during idol activities”. Because of this, the incident where Sutou Ririka, a former member of NMB48, announced her marriage at the time of the general election, is being discussed again. 

akb48 okada nana

Following this, on November 20th, an apology was issued, and AKB48’s general manager Chimion Mukai also apologized. However, even in the midst of this, Okada Nana only responded to comments that took her side in the paid communication, making even the remaining fans turn around. In addition, this is expected to affect Honda Hitomi, a former IZ*ONE member, who returned without graduating from the team with the goal of reviving AKB48.


On the other hand, some are even claiming that Okada Nana’s dating rumor is just a means for her to graduate from the group.

Source: Daum.

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