After the divorce, Song Joong Ki is still supported by the Korean netizens

To Korean netizens, Song Joong Ki is still very charming even after the divorce.

Song Joong Ki – Song Hye Kyo’s divorce is still a very hot topic to the public. Both celebrities have assigned the process to their lawyers, and their agencies have voiced out to prevent any baseless rumour which might harm unrelated people. Song – Song are burying themselves in work after the failure in marriage.

Song Joong Ki will appear in a new movie.
Song Joong Ki will appear in a new movie.

According to Newsen, Song Joong Ki has accept the invitation of the “Victory” crew of Director Jo Sung Hee. This is a sci-fi themed movie which focuses on space adventures. Song Joong Ki will play the role of the pilot on Victory Spaceship, and his partner will be Kim Tae Ri. This piece of information surprises many because Song Joong Ki had announced that he will go on a hiatus at such a sensitive time.

Netizens are showing their strong support for Song Joong Ki. Comments on Nate are saying: “Song Joong Ki fighting. We hope that you will only walk the flower road from now on”; “Song Joong Ki might be the only celebrity who is loved even more after a divorce”; “At his rank, women will always be around him”; “Even though Song Joong Ki has gone through a divorce, he’s still a rich guy and it’s no difficult task for him to find another beautiful lady to get married once again”; “He’s smart, handsome, talented and still does well on his own. Let’s meet a better woman in the future”; “Forget that bad woman”; “I hope that Song Hye Kyo will lose all commercial contracts. Her image is even worse now, and her acting is not that good,…”

Song Hye Kyo also avoid the public after the divorce.
Song Hye Kyo also avoid the public after the divorce.

Song Hye Kyo was originally planned to attend an event on July 6th of a Chinese cosmetics brand for which she is the brand model. The brand has announced the date on Twitter and Weibo but the posts has been deleted recently. Many are saying that Song Hye Kyo is trying to avoid appearing in public at the moment. Her agency assured that the actress is considering a new movie project.

Song Joong Ki has tried to hide the divorce from his family. His father found out through the media and has locked himself inside and refused to see anyone. Recently, Song Joong Ki’s brother has done some actions which might suggest that Song Hye Kyo is the one to be blamed.

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