After crying on IG live, Bibi looks cheerful in new update on her current whereabouts 

After Bibi sparked concern over her emotional breakdown a few days ago, her current situation is revealed. 

On July 26th, Tiger JK shared a video and a selfie taken with Bibi on his Instagram account. Tiger JK wrote, “Good morning. Bibi has been selected as a global model for McDonald’s. Please look forward to Bibi’s first full-length album, which is filled with amazing songs, and the exciting news that will make you go ‘Wow~’. Please show her a lot of support!!!!” 


In the video call with Tiger JK included in the post, Bibi looks bright and smiley, showing off her good friendship with Tiger JK.


Bibi recently broke down crying during her Instagram live because she was suffering from burnout. As a result, a controversy erupted that Bibi’s agency Feel Ghood Music, founded by Tiger JK, was overworking Bibi. However, both Tiger JK and Bibi have clarified the misunderstandings. 

Source: Nate

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