aespa’s Ningning Reveals Drinking Habits & Jokes about Girls’ Generations’ Hyoyeon

Member Ningning of aespa showcased her variety show skills, even taking a jab at Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon. 

On May 29, aespa’s Ningning appeared in a video on the YouTube channel of Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon. 

Here, Hyoyeon asked Ningning, “Do you like to drink alcohol while eating?“, to which Ningning replied, “I usually drink a lot while eating with the members. But these days, I don’t drink at all. I don’t have time and I’m physically exhausted.”


Hyoyeon then asked Ningning how closely her current life as a singer matches her dreams. Answering this, Ningning said, “I think I’m finding my goal to become a perfect version of myself. I believe I’m still growing and will continue to grow,” estimating a 70% similarity.

The aespa member also added, “I’m ambitious and have many things I want to do, so I find growth enjoyable“, to which Hyoyeon agreed, saying, “I think that’s a good thing. I also challenge myself and don’t fear growth. People need to avoid complacency to rise higher.”


When Hyoyeon commented that she sounded like an old man, the production team asked Ningning if Hyoyeon really seemed like a boomer. Ningning joked, “A little?” which brought laughter.

When asked about her concerns, Ningning shared, “I have worries more than concerns. I wonder if I can perform well while being active and touring.” Hearing this, Hyoyeon advised, “You need to take good care of your physical strength and health.”

Meanwhile, aespa, with Ningning as a member, recently created a buzz with their pre-release track “Supernova” and released their first full-length album “Armageddon”.

Source: Daum 

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