aespa’s Karina vs Red Velvet’s Seulgi: Fans compare the dancing skills of two main dancers in the same video

Two main dancers of SM 3rd and 4th generation girl groups dancing next to each other, who stands out more, Karina or Seulgi? 

2021 was a remarkable year for aespa as the rookie girl group bagged many outstanding awards, and rose to the top of the 4th generation of female idol groups. However, aside from compliments, there are also mixed reactions to aespa members’ talents.

aespa Karina Red Velvet Seulgi
aespa draws controversy over performance skills after appearing at year-end award shows

During year-end music festivals and award shows, aespa constantly drew controversy for lip-syncing and underwhelming, repetitive performances. When collaborating with their seniors including BoA, SNSD and Red Velvet in the project girl group GOT The Beat, aespa members also reveal their lack of experience. 

Video of Seulgi and Karina dancing to Step Back

Recently, after SM released a short video promoting the Step Back choreography performed by Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Karina, Karina’s dancing skills faced mixed reactions. 

Some netizens claim Karina shows her lack of body control and ability to feel the music when dancing next to Seulgi. Karina’s dance moves look more complicated and clumsy while Seulgi’s dance line looks neater. Fans praise Seulgi’s skills and think she proves herself to be one of the top female dancers of Kpop 3rd generation. Although Karina stands out with her surreal body proportions, when it comes to dancing skills, Seulgi takes the spotlight with her effortless and eye-catching moves. 

aespa Karina Red Velvet Seulgi
aespa Karina Red Velvet Seulgi
aespa Karina Red Velvet Seulgi

However, Karina’s fans gave the opposite opinion. They claim that Karina has flaws compared to her seniors, but her footwork is much better than Seulgi’s. Karina is very meticulous in performing the movement of her feet. 

aespa Karina Red Velvet Seulgi
Karina’s footwork is praised
aespa Karina Red Velvet Seulgi

Some comments:

  • People who think Karina’s dance is inferior to Seulgi’s are ridiculous. This is just a TikTok video and she is not doing her best. If you want to compete, compare their stages.
  • The two generations of SM main dancers are amazing. But Seulgi is still on another level.
  • Karina is getting better and better day by day.
  • Actually, Karina’s weak point is her hand gestures. She danced like she was learning the choreography by heart.
  • I don’t want to start a fanwar. They both excellently performed this dance.


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