aespa’s Karina Unfairly Criticized For Wearing Off-Shoulder Top

Female idols have been getting strict evaluations from netizens over their fashion, causing many to be unfairly criticized

Being a female idol in the K-pop industry is not easy at all as many top girl group members have been facing criticism due to unreasonable issues, from gaining and losing weight to their outfits and hairstyles. Such malicious comments have put great pressure on the idols.

Recently, an article bashing aespa’s Karina recently became a hot topic on social media with more than 60,000 views. OP brought up several pictures of Karina from 3 years ago to criticze the female idol’s outfit for being overly exposing and claimed that she has a hobby of wearing exposing clothes to show off her chest lines. 

Noticing that Karina was only wearing a normal off-shoulder shirt without much exposure, fans and many netizens immediately defended the female idol. 

In particular, Karina combined a blue off-shoulder knit top with a white skirt, looking absolutely casual and pretty and not revealing her chest lines at all. This kind of off-shoulder top has been worn by many K-pop idols, including BLACKPINK’s Jennie & Lisa, Red Velvet’s Irene, IVE’s Yu-jin, etc., and is also seen very often in daily life among young women. As such, there is nothing to criticize unless Karina wears it to serious and formal events. 

jennie lisa irene an yu jin

In response to the article, some netizens commented, “Is this what you call excessive exposure?”, “I believe the mentioned idol is doing very well every time I see ridiculous posts like this one”, “Not to mention idols, many ordinary girls are all wearing similar clothes”, “You are bashing her because you cannot wear these kinds of outfit, right?”, “Are you jealous because Karina recently got a new advertisement?”, etc.

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