aespa’s Karina Reveals Goal For 2024, “Win The Grand Prize As A Team”

Karina introduced upcoming aespa’s second world tour after comeback and unveiled goals for the team and herself

On June 6th, the YouTube channel “KBS K pop” uploaded a video titled “Their friendship that even melted the ice | Eunchae’s Stardiary EP.46”. In the video, aespa’s Karina and LE SSERAFIM’s Hong Eun-chae spent time talking to each other.

Hong Eun-chae made water ice bingsu for Karina. When Karina suspected that Hong Eun-chae did not watch aespa’s “Armageddon” music video, Hong Eun-chae explained, “I watched it around 6:30. When we watched it, we thought the music video was amazing as well”.

hong eun chae-karina

Karina then explained the MV filming process, saying “We went to many different locations. We went somewhere then came back to Seoul to shoot more in a set. It was the first time we had to travel to so many places to make music videos. But it turned out so well”, adding “When we watched ‘Supernova’, we all had to hold the laughter. I think it’s a great mixture of dystopia, Y2K, and various other things.”

Revealing that aespa was about to start a world tour, Karina said, “The last tour was very successful and I want to make sure the second one is even better. I was very involved in the preparation. There’s a section we’ve invested.”

In addition, Karina said she saved Hong Eun-chae’s phone number as “Eungchae”. Hong Eun-chae said, “For me, among my friends, I think I talk to her the most”. Karina agreed, “It’s the same for me. I don’t really keep in touch with people all the time either. I do a lot for a while then I let go.”

When asked about what she wanted to achieve this year, Karina said, “I want to win the grand prize as a team! It’s a goal as a team member, but my personal goal is… I don’t want to be sick”. Hearing that, Hong Eun-chae said, “Congratulations! Armageddon”, making Karina burst into laughter. 

Karina’s group aespa will hold their second world tour “2024 aespa Live Tour – SINK: PARALLEL LINE” from this Month to September and then expand their tour to America and Europe early next year.

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