aespa’s 1st mini album “Savage” won the main prize at the iF Design Awards

aespa took home an award for the packaging design of “Savage”. 

According to SM Entertainment on April 20th, aespa’s first mini-album “Savage” won the main award (Bonsang) in the category for User Experience (UX) and Packaging UX at Germany’s iF Design Awards 2022, one of the world’s Top 3 design awards.


The iF Design Awards, along with Germany’s Red Dot Design Awards and the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), are the major three design awards globally. More than 11,000 entries from 57 countries around the world competed at this year’s iF Design Awards.


aespa’s first mini-album “Savage (P.O.S. ver)” features a packaging that allows fans to experience the virtual space “KWANGYA” and the group’s metaverse worldview with their avatars “æ-aespa.” The transporting portal through which aespa arrives at “KWANGYA” is used as the album’s key image. The album case itself also represents the shape of a wormhole. It also draws much praise for including a CD that can be scanned with the SMTOWN AR mobile app and allowing fans to enter the P.O.S (Port of Soul) and look around “KWANGYA” at 360°.

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By offering more than an album that simply stores and delivers music, the award-winning album has developed aespa’s unique worldview story into the realm of user experience, raising expectations for more innovative packaging designs of aespa’s future albums. 

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