Actress Yoon Se-ah was surprised to meet Park Bo-gum while running along the Han River

Actress Yoon Se-ah told an anecdote of when she met singer Sean and actor Park Bo-gum at the Han River.

Yoon Se-ah posted a photo on her SNS on April 11th along with the caption, “While running, I was so surprised! I met and greeted Sean and actor Park Bo-gum”, adding, “Bye from behind… to the two who disappeared into thin air. And please give them applause! Ah, they have strong stamina and spirit, I respect them so much”.

The released photo showed Yoon Se-ah, who was in sportswear, posing to the camera while standing between Sean and Park Bo-gum. In another group photo, the three’s faces when wearing masks were seen more clearly. 

Sean also revealed on his SNS account that he went running with Park Bo-gum early in the morning. Sean posted a photo taken with Park Bo-gum and explained, “Dawn run. We’re people who wake up early in the morning. I met Bo-gum at 6 a.m and did a light run of 10 km”.

Yoon Se-ah

In addition, Sean also uploaded a photo taken with Yoon Se-ah during a run and said, “No.2 runner actress Yoon Se-ah, whom you can easily meet if you come to the Han River in the morning. No.1 is me, Sean”.

He added, “While running with Bo-gum, we bumped into each other. We greeted and then got back on our own track”, adding, “Anyone can meet them by chance at the Han River!”

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