Actress Shin Hye-sun to host ‘SNL Korea’ Season 2 first episode

Coupang Play’s original entertainment show ‘SNL Korea’ Season 2 has been unveiled.

'SNL Korea' Season 2
Shin Hye-sun

On December 13th, Coupang Play announced that the first host of ‘SNL Korea’ Season 2 is actress Shin Hye-sun.

Shin Hye-sun

Regarding her appearance on the show, Shin Hye-sun said, “It’s my honor to appear in my favorite show – SNL Korea. Together with SNL production team and other hosts, I will do my best to deliver pleasant laughter and energy to the audiences.”

Shin Hye-sun SNL Korea

She also added, “Please look forward to Season 2 of SNL and my first appearance as a host”.

Shin Hye-sun has shown off her solid acting skills and various charms through dramas “My Golden Life”, “Mr. Queen”, “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” and movie “Innocence”, “Collectors”.

Coupang Play‘s “SNL Korea” Season 2 can be streamed on Coupang Play at 10 P.M on December 25th.

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