Actor Jang-yul praised for his villain acting in Netflix’s “My Name”

The actor who is receiving praises for his strong presence on Netflix’s “My Name” is none other than the actor Jang Ryul. 

Jang Yul plays the role of Do Kang-jae, a member of Dongcheon in the drama. He is a person who is recognized by the organization and has an ambition to rise to a higher position. 

Jang Yul

However, things went wrong. After losing the match against Jiwoo (Han So-hee), he was abandoned by the organization due to a series of incidents. Eventually, he became the strongest enemy and was an unexpected villain. Jang Yul literally showed his “crazy” acting in this production.

Jang Yul

The actor perfectly portrays Do Kang-jae, who is full of revenge and hatred, from the empty eyes to the momentary gruesome gaze, madness pouring out as if there is no tomorrow, and his expressionless and devilish smile.

Jang Yul

Jang Yul is actually not a rookie. Born in 1989, he has been active in various fields, regardless of movies, dramas, or plays since 2013. Netizens are showing explosive reactions. “I was curious about who the hell he was,” “I was crazy about his acting,” “I want to see him in other works,” and “Wow, he was awesome.”

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