A YouTuber’s visual went viral: IU’s eyes, Taeyeon’s nose and Irene’s lips

YouTuber Yoo Hyun Mi is receiving countless attention thanks to her special appearance.

A few recent years, Korean youth starts to be interested in creating online content on SNS. Many YouTuber and Afreeca BJ start to appear, become famous with huge income. Just like the entertainment industry, people with a better appearance will receive more attention, a higher view number and higher donation. From these platforms, netizens have discovered many content creators with visual that is equal to that of K-Pop idols.

Recently, Korean netizens are spreading the info about Yoo Hyun Mi, a young lady that is going viral on SNS.

According to these netizens, Hyun Mi is a famous ulzzang on Instagram with 184.000 followers. She just recently started her YouTube channel 2 months ago but has already received lots of views. Hyun Mi’s videos mostly have very simple contents which surround her daily life.

However, netizens are interested in this female YouTuber’s special appearance. Hyun Mi is said to have a special face which is a combination of the beauty of 3 K-Pop visuals. Specifically, her big round eyes are similar to IU’s, small button nose that resembles Taeyeon’s (Girls’ Generation) and pretty lips which are alike to that of Irene’s (Red Velvet). Let’s take a look at Yoo Hyun Mi’s pretty visual through these photos!

Source: tinnhac

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