A moment of Suga and Jimin (BTS) described by Knets as “beautiful like a movie scene” made everyone shed tears

An old but still touching moment of Suga and Jimin became a hot topic on the Pann forum.

In recent days, the topic related to the two opposing personalities among BTS members has always attracted the attention of Korean netizens (Knet).  Previously, Knets mentioned that the members are warm and always smile but they can be scary when they get angry, such as when Jimin expressed his unhappiness on the radio after hearing about a grievance or when J-Hope ‘scolded’ the interpreter to protect RM.

Recently, the next member to surprise Knet with the opposite of his usual personality is Suga. In the group, Suga carries the rapper position with cool rapping, not even afraid to drop a diss rap in response to anti fan.  Compared to other members, Suga is also the least talkative and joking. However, those who love BTS know that he is the type of person who is tough on the outside but soft on the inside. He can sometimes be genuinely warm and affectionate.

 Suga may be quiet, cold on the outside but he is actually very warm on the inside

Specifically, yesterday (April 10), a Knet posted on the Pann forum a photo of Suga and Jimin with the title: ‘This photo is like a movie scene.’  This person also wrote down her feelings as below:

 ‘Suga? This is a photo of him looking towards his parents in the audience, bowing down to them, while sobbing just like that.  Next to Suga is Jimin comforting him. This scene looks like a cut from a movie… It’s hard to believe that after all his hard work and effort, he can now show his parents that he has succeeded.  If it were me, I would cry too. ‘

 The photo touches the hearts of anyone who has seen it: Suga kneeling to thank his parents in the audience and bursting into tears without raising his head.  Jimin came over to comfort Suga.

 It is known that this is the moment of the ‘Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa On Stage: Epilogue’ concert in May 2016.  It was the end of the concert and Suga was searching for his parents in the stands. When he saw them sitting in the audience, the male idol knelt down to greet and thank his parents, and then trembled and broke down crying without raising his head. Jimin then came over, sat down to rub his back and comfort his brother.

 Suga searched for his parents and saw that they were in the stands so he knelt down to greet and thank them
 The male rapper was so touched that he broke down crying and his shoulders kept trembling
The male rapper was so touched that he broke down crying and his shoulders kept trembling
 Jimin came to his side and comforted his fellow member quietly

Fans of BTS and especially Suga must have already known that initially, Suga did not receive the consent of his parents when he decided to pursue a music career.  They protested so hard that they didn’t even attend BTS’s first concerts in Korea like the other members’ parents.

In an interview, the talented rapper born in 1993 shared: ‘My parents were strongly against (my decision) for half a year.  My father is an extremely strict person. And also because in the past they had gone through a lot of hardships, so they didn’t want their son to be in the same situation.  They wanted their kids to be able to become a normal worker and have a stable life.’

It can be said that BTS’s concert that day not only marked a big turning point in the group’s career but also an achievement in Suga’s life: They have now held concerts at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium, a dream venue In Korea that every Kpop idol aspires to set foot in. This is something that during the first years of debut, BTS did not dare to dream of because they only come from a small company, there were many debts and scandals of seniors.

 BTS performed at ‘2015 HYYH Live On Stage: Epilogue’ in 2015

Because this concert is considered as a sweet present for BTS after their difficult days with ‘blood, sweat and tears’, this is also a proof that Suga has succeeded and he feels very touched when facing his parents.  They used to strongly protest, but now they have accepted Suga’s dream and come to the group’s concert. Suga also added, ‘But now my parents have said, ‘Our son has the ability to find and reach his dream, which is truly worth being proud of.’ Now my parents are my greatest source of support.’

 Suga bursted into tears when he can now prove to his parents that his dream back in the days has come true

Netizens are very touched by this moment and many people still see it as a motivation to continue their efforts to pursue their dreams and make their families proud.  What do you think of Suga’s story?

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