A member of JYP’s upcoming girl group joins the lineup of Kpop female idols with the prettiest shoulders (ft. Jennie, Sana, and more)

Among the beauty standards of Kpop idols, 90-degree shoulders that resemble a hanger is one of the most popular standards. Female idols who are most well-known for their gorgeous shoulders are BLACKPINK’s Jennie, TWICE’s Mina and Sana, Red Velvet’s Irene, ITZY’s Lia,…

Recently, a female rookie caught the attention thanks to her angular shoulders that look as attractive as her seniors’. She is Kyujin, a member of JYP’s upcoming girl group. Kyujin’s photos showing off her body figure have received many compliments on DCInside. Although she is not too tall, Kyujin’s body still looks impressive thanks to her 90-degree shoulders and tiny waist.

Kyujin is a member of JYP’s new girl group 
The 16-year-old rookie idol is praised for her beautiful shoulders
90-degree shoulders help Kyujin take the spotlight in the dance video
JYPn Kyujin
From behind, Kyujin’s angular shoulders and tiny waist combo is visually pleasing 

Kyujin was born in 2006 and has not officially debuted yet.  Fans believe that Kyujin should be included in the list of Kpop female idols with the most beautiful shoulders, alongside her seniors from TWICE, BLACKPINK, ITZY… Not only looking pretty, but Kyujin also takes the spotlight thanks to her charming presence and facial expressions when performing. She is expected to be the center of JYP’s new girl group. Fans also hope that JYP will dress the members in pretty outfits, and not waste the talent and visuals of these potential trainees.

Kyujin is expected to become an outstanding idol once she debuts thanks to her attractive expressions and ideal body
Other female idols famous for their 90-degree shoulders are ITZY’s Lia…
JYPn Kyujin
JYPn Kyujin
TWICE’s Sana
and Nayeon 
JYPn Kyujin
Red Velvet’s Irene
JYPn Kyujin
APINK’s Naeun 
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