A Korean drama produced by Netflix that surprised Korea and Japan today

The production of “Parasyte: The Gray” has been confirmed.

Netflix’s series “Parasyte: The Gray” tells the story of mankind threatened by parasitic creatures from outer space, creatures which infect the bodies of human “hosts” so that they can murder and consume other humans.

“Parasyte: The Gray” is based on Hitoshi Iwaaki’s manga “Parasyte”, which sold over 25 million copies in more than 20 regions and countries with extraordinary imagination and philosophical message that parasites take over the human brain and control the body. “Parasyte”, which has been remade into animation, movie and is still considered “work of a lifetime” by many people, meets Korean genre master – director Yeon Sang-ho.

Director Yeon Sang-ho, who surprised everyone with his unprecedented imagination from the series “Train to Busan”, which marked the beginning of the K-zombie craze, to “The Cursed”, “Hellbound” and “Monstrous”, will direct and co-write “Parasyte: The Gray”, heralding the expansion of Yeonniverse (Yeon Sang-ho Universe) once again.

Director Yeon Sang-ho, who has raised sharp problems about human nature through the image of humans living in a chaotic society, stimulates curiosity about how he will portray freshly the worldview of “Parasyte” with Korea as the background. In addition, expectations are rising about how director Yeon Sang-ho, who showed a new look of hell lion that has never been seen in Netflix’s series “Hellbound”, will actualize parasitic creatures. Besides, writer Ryu Yong-jae of “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area”, which has been receiving enthusiastic responses by topping Netflix’s Global TOP 10 TV (non-English) category 3 days after its release, will co-write to add strength.

The fresh casting combination also makes “Parasyte: The Gray” even more awaited. Jeon So-nee, who showed impressive performances in dramas “Encounter”, “When My Love Blooms”, “Writing Your Destiny” and movies “After My Death”, “Bad Police”, will play Jung Soo-in, who is infected by parasitic creatures. Jung Soo-in is a person who starts a strange cohabitation with parasitic creatures that failed to take away her brain.

Koo Kyo-hwan and Lee Jung-hyun, who worked with director Yeon Sang-ho in the movie “Peninsula“, will also join. Koo Kyo-hwan, who captivated the public with his character digestive power regardless of roles through Netflix’s series “D.P.”, “Kingdom: Ashin of the North”, the movie “Escape from Mogadishu” and the drama “Monstrous”, will play Seol Kang-woo, who chases parasitic creatures to find his missing younger sister.

Lee Jung-hyun, who boasts a wide range of acting spectra such as “Myeongnyang,” “Alice in the Country of Faith,” “Battleship Island,” “Bando,” and “Decision to Break Up,” plays Choi Joon-kyung, who loses her husband to the parasite group “The Gray” and lives only to exterminate the parasite. It is curious how the three actors, who are interested in unexpected combinations, will save the world occupied by parasitic water.

<Parasite Water: The Gray>, which heralds the birth of an intense story with extraordinary imagination, will be produced by Climax Studio, which produced global hits such as “Hellbound” and “D.P.”, and the global content producing company WOW POINT. It will be released only on Netflix.

Source: daum

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