A K-Pop beauty is criticized for her revealing outfit

Her agency has had to give an official announcementafter receiving splitted opinions regarding Jo Hyun’s outfit.

On June 17th, Jo Hyun (Berry Good) was one among many idols at the event “Game Dolympic: Golden Card” (a gaming league for idols arranged by OGN channel) in Seoul. She went as Ahri – a character in “League of Legends”.

The revealing design of the outfit is debatable on many forums. Korean netizens are saying that this outfit was to revealing and offensive.

Facing a wave of criticism toward Jo Hyun, the representative of JTG Entertainment has said, “This is just a cosplay outfit. She just wanted to make friends with other gamers and meet her fans at the event”. Another source from OGN also said that they had prepared the outfit themselves for each idols after many discussion with their agency. It’s simply a cosplay of a game character. We hope that you won’t overreact.

Apart from criticism, there are still many compliments that Jo Hyun was gorgeous in that outfit. She was once in the center of attention for having a baby face but a sexy body.

The “Game Dolympic” this year welcomed the appearance of many idols such as New Sun (Sonamoo). She went as Safari Caitlyn of “League of Legends”.
Yena, Chae Kyung and Rachel (April).
Som Yi and Eun Chae (DIA).
Lin Lin, Yu Ju, Chae Rin and Hae Yoon (Cherry Bullet).
Hee Chul and Shin Dong (Super Junior)’s funny poses.
Tae Yong (NCT) was the MC for this year’s event.

Sources: ione

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