A girl group member holds e-cigarette…Unexpected reactions from fans

Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon was caught holding an electronic cigarette in her hand. However, the video was re-uploaded after editing.

Dreamcatcher has been releasing behind-the-scenes videos of their 2023 U.S. tour through their official YouTube channel since last month.

In one of the videos, Yoohyeon was shown holding a white object in one hand in the waiting room, raising speculation that it might be an e-cigarette.


Regarding this, a netizen on the online community Fomos captured this scene and said that it is similar in design to the e-cigarette he/she owns. He/she also attached a photo of the product.

It has not been confirmed whether it is true or not, but fans left comments such as “That can happen“, “Please look forward to Dreamcatcher’s comeback“, “Is it wrong for an adult to smoke?“, “I’ve been a fan for 7 years, but I don’t think much. She has always worked hard and been nice to fans. I just want her to take good care of her health“…

Unlike in the past, fandoms today seem to have turned into a healthy and mature culture that respects stars’ privacy.


Yoohyeon’s group Dreamcatcher will return with their 8th mini album “Apocalypse : From us” on May 24th after 7 months.

“Apocalypse : From us” is an extension of the previously released “Maison” and “Vision”, and is an album that concludes the grand finale of the Apocalypse worldview.

Dreamcatcher will meet listeners through the title “Bon Voyage”, which means “Have a safe and enjoyable journey” in French.

Source: Wikitree

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