A former idol opened up about the truth of how female Kpop idols cope with monthly periods

What a former idol shared about the inconveniences female idols often encounter during their menstrual cycles has made netizens feel empathetic towards them.

Being an idol is a difficult and stressful job. Behind the on-stage glamour, idols have to work and practice hard for a long time. In particular, for female idols, they face even more difficulties due to physical limitations as well as physiological problems.

Recently, Tina – a former member of the girl group “Blady” appeared on the channel of an American YouTuber to talk about her time as a Kpop idol. The video has quickly garnered the attention of the online community. Most notably, Tina opened up about the difficulties of female idols, especially the issues during their monthly periods.

Tina went from being an idol to a YouTuber...
Tina went from being an idol to a YouTuber…
She talked about the downsides of Kpop
She talked about the downsides of Kpop

In the video, Tina talked about the long and exhausting rehearsals, which can have a bad effect on idols’ bodies. “There was one day where we had to go to practice, but I had such bad period cramps. I remember asking the company, ‘Is it okay if I rest a little bit?’ And they would be like, ‘Do you think other K-Pop idols would rest?’”. Since the pain caused by menstrual cycles was not taken seriously by her company, she could not use it as an excuse to ask for some rest.

Tina admitted that she was once forced to wear white outfits by the company when she was on her period. This made her feel extremely scared, worried that something would happen. Although Tina suggested wearing dark colors, the company did not care or have any support. During the rehearsal and performance, Tina constantly asked her members to make sure that she hadn’t leaked.

A former idol opened up about the truth of how female Kpop idols cope with monthly periods

This is not the first time Tina has talked about this issue. On her personal YouTube channel, she once confessed that her group members also felt uncomfortable during their period because their teachers and managers were all men.

Many female idols even do not get their period for months or be late developers due to extreme dieting or having immense stress. All of this adversely affects the health of idols. Obviously, being a Kpop idol is never easy.

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